Sunday, May 27, 2012

Poor Puppies

My neighbours a few houses over decided to get two puppies.  I believe that they are going to be big dog.  Right now they are just two puppies that are freshly away from their Mommy and are scared and wondering what happened to their Mom.  Instead of trying to help these poor little ones get over that fear my neighbour has chosen to put them outside and leave them their for most of the day.  Almost all day long I hear these poor little things barking that little winy cry that puppies do.  I do not blame the dogs at all.  They have no idea what is going on.  Ripped from their Momma to live in a house where they are stuffed outside and then forgot.  At least that is my take on the situation.  However, let me say one thing and one thing alone I don't want to listen to those dogs all day long.  I wake up in the morning to those dogs barking, I hear them all through the morning and most of the afternoon.  And then again at night.  I am already tired of listening to them and they have only be around for less than a week.  Now don't get me wrong... I like dogs I have a few dogs myself over my many years of living.  I do not have a dog right now and this is the reason.  Right now in this time of life I don't have the patience to handle the winy cry.  Hey I have no idea why just that time of my life I guess.  So to listen to those dogs all day is driving me crazy.  At what point do you say enough is enough.  Do I give a hint to my neighbour and see if something happens?  At what point does it become animal cruelty to leave those dogs out all the time?  I will be keeping my eye on the situation and hope that they step up and do the right thing.  Seriously though why get the dogs if you are not going to spend time with them?

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  1. I would go over and speak to your neighbor about the situation. She may be out all day and not even realize what is going on. How can she handle them barking all day long?