Sunday, January 6, 2013

To move or not to Move? That is the question....

I have always dreamed of living on Prince Edward Island.  Whenever I visit there I feel like I have come home.  Their way of life is very different from where I am from.  Less speed.  Islanders seem to know their is more to life then rush, rush, rush.  My husband and I, who are going through some marriage issues at the moment, found a house to purchase on the Island.  51 acres of lovely land and a cute double wide prefab home.  Hey don't knock that until you have seen it.  It is a lovely place.  The land is just perfect, the house new and lovely and it has a stream running through the place.  The best part is that is it only 250 metres from the ocean.  We have spoken to the agent, worked a great price for this perfect home and now we have to figure out if we really want to take it. My husband is jumping at the chance because this is his dream property and he doesn't care where it is.  He is not close with his family at all.  I, on the other hand, am.  I consider my parents to be my dear friends, not just my parents.  Now, mind you, I only see them about once a month and sometimes not even that.  My father is very close to my children so that is very hard to think about taking them away from them.

My family is road block number one on my quest for the dream.  Road block number two is my daughter.  My daughter is special.  She has several medical conditions and learning issues and she is in several programs in her present school to help her.  Since coming to this school a year and a half ago they have helped her so much.  She started her current school in grade two and could not read a word.  Her old school was terrible and her grade one teacher was a horror.  Instead of trying to help my daughter she just looked the other way.  We moved to get away from that school and that teacher.  We also moved to get away from the waiting list her old school had.  We were going to have to wait a year before they even evaluated her.  When my daughter started her current school, her grade two teacher helped her in ways that I will forever be grateful for.  By the end of grade two my daughter had gone up five levels of reading.  There was also no waiting lists.  She got the help she needed right away.  They had a program in place for her in a month.  Now her current teacher reads with her daily and is able to help her so much.  My daughter is doing so well.  My greatest fear is that by moving to the Island all the progress that she has made will decline because she will have to go through all of the new schools testing again.  I don't want that to happen to her.  In this case I will contact the school that would be her school and see what would happen in her case.  

The next road block is my son, but not as much as my daughter.  He does not want to leave his friends and I do not blame him.  However, he is a very nice, friendly, outgoing boy who makes friends easy.  I think it is easier for boys in this way than girls.  He would be going into either grade seven or eight, depending on when I decide to go.  Those grades a bit harder I think.  I just don't know.

The last, and to me, major road block is my relationship with my husband.  We are actually currently separated but working on things.  There are some issues that really need to be worked out before I move across the country.  Part of me is saying, this is your dream, don't worry about it.  Then the more practical side of me says, are you crazy, don't root up your whole life for this.  What if things don't work out?  I have just moved into my own apartment without my husband.  He does spend a great deal of time here but this is my own place.  If I move to Prince Edward Island with my husband and things don't work out between us what am I going to do??  Yes I know, I could just move into another apartment in Charlottetown.  Do I really want to do that to myself and my children?  I do have a year to decided as I just moved in here and I have a one year lease.  I, also, would not want to move the kids mid school year so I would wait until next June.  My husband is going in two months time.  He takes the place over in April.  Everything will be in his name so I will not have to worry about that end of it.  Right now the plan is for me to join him in the summer for two months and then come back to wait out my lease and the school year.  Maybe that is the best idea.  Then I can see in the summer how I like living out there.  Maybe by then my husband will be more willing to work through a few things he just can not seem to get past.  Maybe I will see if I can live without him....

So here I am trying to figure out what to do.  My family is important to me yes, however, my parents will not live forever.  Cruel to say, yes, but should a person live their life to please their parents.  When is it time to break out on your own and live your life the way you want to, not the way others want you too??!!  I am going to have to seriously think this one through and decided what to do.

What would you do?

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Nancy Noel

I am a huge fan of the artist Nancy Noel.  I am honoured to own two of her paintings.  So I decided to add one of her painting to the side of my blog to show her to you my readers.  There is no disrespect meant and she was to ask I would take the picture off.  I have not asked permission to use the picture.  She paints the Amish, child angels and other things too.  I have to admit to being partial to the Amish pictures.  Check out her amazing web site and see for yourself.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Poor Puppies

My neighbours a few houses over decided to get two puppies.  I believe that they are going to be big dog.  Right now they are just two puppies that are freshly away from their Mommy and are scared and wondering what happened to their Mom.  Instead of trying to help these poor little ones get over that fear my neighbour has chosen to put them outside and leave them their for most of the day.  Almost all day long I hear these poor little things barking that little winy cry that puppies do.  I do not blame the dogs at all.  They have no idea what is going on.  Ripped from their Momma to live in a house where they are stuffed outside and then forgot.  At least that is my take on the situation.  However, let me say one thing and one thing alone I don't want to listen to those dogs all day long.  I wake up in the morning to those dogs barking, I hear them all through the morning and most of the afternoon.  And then again at night.  I am already tired of listening to them and they have only be around for less than a week.  Now don't get me wrong... I like dogs I have a few dogs myself over my many years of living.  I do not have a dog right now and this is the reason.  Right now in this time of life I don't have the patience to handle the winy cry.  Hey I have no idea why just that time of my life I guess.  So to listen to those dogs all day is driving me crazy.  At what point do you say enough is enough.  Do I give a hint to my neighbour and see if something happens?  At what point does it become animal cruelty to leave those dogs out all the time?  I will be keeping my eye on the situation and hope that they step up and do the right thing.  Seriously though why get the dogs if you are not going to spend time with them?

Saturday, April 21, 2012

No more facebook....

After weeks of trying to figure it all out I have decided to wean myself off of facebook.  I get on there twice a day right now because I am bored and I am doing the thing that I am trying to get my kids not to do.  Become depended on something electronic to entertain me.

My son loves video games.  We have a PlayStation 3 and at one point it got so bad he wasn't even playing with his friends in person and was just wanting to chat with his online friends while playing a video game.  His personality was changing and he was becoming lazy.  My husband I decided to limit his time to 30 minutes a day with extra time award for good school marks or if he played outside most of the day with his friends, etc., etc..  If what is good for him should go for the same for his parents shouldn't it?

For awhile there I was on the internet a lot.  A good chunk of my day was spent sitting right where I am doing, really, nothing.  I would hop on facebook, then twitter and scan my news feed or check my tweets.  Then I would hop over to People Online and see if any celebs had done anything interesting.  Then over to the weather network to check to see if anything was new since the last time I look.  And it would go on from there.  Hours would go by I hadn't moved from the computer.  Really I was looking at nothing and really I was doing nothing.  Sure once in awhile I would go to my bank website and pay a bill or read a news article, but really I was doing nothing.  When it actually clicked in my head that this is what life had become for me I started to scaled back.  One of my major concerns was that I was gaining back the 35 pounds that I had lost because too many "interesting" things on the internet were keeping me from going for my daily walk.  (Well that and we purchased a car and now I was driving everywhere instead of walking)   My time on the internet was also giving me the lame excuse of why I couldn't do certain things.  I had so many things I wanted to do this year that so far I have swept under the rug because I wanted to read that article on People about so and so.  It was my fake excuse.

One day it just clicked while I was sitting at my computer that it was a lovely day outside and instead of enjoying the weather I had sat myself in front of the computer to do nothing.  So then I started to limit myself on the computer.  Once for no more than 30 minutes in the morning and once no more than 30 minutes at night.  Instead I found other things to do.  I was back to my knitting or crocheting, I went for a walk, cleaned my house, baked some stuff, started my deep spring cleaning, spent time with my children and my husband and most important starting read actual novels again.  All of the sudden I realized there was way more to life than my computer.  Today I decided to start my process of withdrawing from facebook and twitter.  I am not even sure who on there will notice that I haven't posted for days or that I don't comment on anything any more.  I have decided to not close the account all together, well I might for twitter because to be honest I don't much care for it anyway, and I will not only go on facebook one day a week to check to see what people are up to and then leave again.  I will not post anything about myself but I might comment on a few things but not much to be honest.  Twitter I am not going to bother with at all.  I will leave my account open but that is just because I don't want anyone stealing my username.  I am also now only going to allow myself 30 minutes a day on my computer.  I wish I could get rid of emails but so many other people rely on email like my kids school to get in touch with me.  I will not lie and say that I will keep my computer off all day.  Like I said people rely on email a lot of times to get in touch with me so I will check it every couple of hours through the day.  Yes I will still keep blogging but I better learn to type even faster than I already do.  LOL

I guess in away I have decided to take back my life.  No rely on something else to entertain me.  To set an example to my children that you don't have to rely on other things for that.  I think that it is time to lead a more simple life.  To make my own happiness.  To truly be me.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Because I have too....

How often in life do we do something because we have to do it and we really have no choice?  Sometimes I feel that I do it too often.  I have been feeling lately that I have been doing things that I really don't want to do because I am trying to keep peace.  Why should?  At what point do I say enough is enough?  Is it when the stress of doing these things becomes to much?  How do you know that you have reached that point?

These are all things that I have tried to figure out in the past few weeks.  I keep doing things that I don't want to do to appease someone.  However, I am coming to the realization that I really don't want to do that any more.  I am quickly becoming tired of being someone that I am not just to appease someone else.  I am tired of biting my tongue when I really want to say something.  I am tired of just agreeing so that I can avoid a fight.  Is this the right thing to do.  Should I keep doing these things or should I just stop it all.

How many times have you done something that you really don't want to do but you really have to?

Sunday, March 11, 2012

I love Anna Mae's!!!

Yesterday, my family and I went to restaurant for lunch.  We had just picked up our 'new to us' car and really wanted to try it out.  We couldn't on the Friday due to seriously bad weather in our area.  Saturday was the day to try it out.  I am a huge fan of a restaurant in a town called Millbank, Ontario named Anna Mae's.  I love this place to distraction.  Okay maybe not that bad, but close.  It is about a hour drive from my home.  Why do I love Anna Mae's so much?!

First, I have to admit it is because it smack in the middle of Amish/Old Order Mennonite country.  The bulk of the population of Amish and Old Order Mennonites (OOM) live in this area.  A large population of conservative Mennonites and Beachy Amish also live in this area.  The sense of peace I get when I visit this area is amazing.  My town of St Marys, Ontario is on the edge of this area so I do see my share of Amish and OOM but in the Millbank area there are way more.  We saw at least 20 buggy's out and about on the roads.  We also saw lots of the Amish and OOM walking around and even in the restaurant itself.  There was a lovely young Amish women waiting for a table, like we were, and she was talking away to my daughter when my daughter (who is seven) asked her about her "hat".  It was her head covering.  She happily told my daughter all about it and answered all of my daughters questions with a smile.  My daughter told her she thought is was great that the lady never wore pants because she hates pants.  (She was standing there in pants that I had to fight to get on her that morning)  The lady laughed.  The lady's husband even answered some of my daughters questions.  Usually they are bit more standoffish but not him.  I thanked them for being so kind and they both just smiled at me.  Millbank also has the coolest store that sells Mexican food imported from Mexico.  There is a growing population of Mexican Mennonites in the area.  Many, many years ago they went down to Mexico for cheap land.  They settled there and made the land they farmed really excellent farming land.  From what I understand too good, because now the drug cartels want the land.    Now the Mexican Mennonites are returning to Canada to get away from all the unrest there.  I don't really blame them.  So now we have all these Mexican/Canadian stores popping up in the area.  They are so much fun to go into and look around.  I always buy something.

Second, the food is home cooked, comfort food and it is SO good.  It is also incredible cheap.  Tell me where you can go and for $10.99 get three courses.  Okay so here is how they break it down.  You pick either soup or salad for your first course.  There are two different home-made soups to chose from.  While we were there it was potato-sausage and turkey noodle.  I was not in the mood for either so I chose a salad.  It is just a basic garden salad or you can choose a Caesar salad but it is a dollar more.  With this first course comes a roll.  Again you get your pick of white, whole wheat or cheese.  I chose a cheese roll.  Mm mm they are freshly made every day and so good.  Now for the main meal you get the choice or two different types of meats or broaster chicken.  (Broaster is a knock off version of KFC)  Saturdays meat choices were either roasted pork or roasted chicken with stuffing.  I took the roasted pork which came lightly tossed in a yummy gravy and my husband took the roasted chicken.  You also get a choice of veggie and potato.  We got to pick from carrots, coleslaw or hot cabbage.  Mashed or fries.  I took the carrots and mashed.  My husband took the hot cabbage and fries.  It is served to you on a regular sized dinner plate but trust me it is piled high.  My choices were so good and hot which I like.  My husband was not fussy on the fries but the rest he very much enjoyed.  I have to tell you though I LOVED the hot cabbage.  I am not sure how they cooked it but wow.  I wished I had ordered it.  Next time I will if they have it that day.  You see all the selections change daily.  Except that you must pick either a soup or a salad.  The meat choice changes daily as do the veggies.  Now comes the best part, dessert.  They have around 20 pies to chose from as well as three cheesecakes, ice cream and ice cream sundae's.  The pies, if you like pie of course, are to die for.  The pie pastry is always flaky and light. I have had their cherry and apple so far and both are amazing.  My husband always gets chocolate cream which is amazing.  I have not sampled their cheese cake or ice cream yet.  Our family of four ate for 44 bucks drinks included.  (Yes one of my children got a kids meal which was less than 5 dollars) Come on where can you go for that much food for that price!!

The third reason I love Anna Mae's is the bakery.  They have an in-house bakery where they sell all kinds of goodies.  Pies, cinnamon buns, cookies etc etc.  Oh and bread they sell loaves of bread 3 for around 10 dollars.  The bread is so good.    We have yet to walk away from there without something.

Fourth reason is the place itself.  I love all the nick-knack stuff.  It is not fancy just a homey sort of place.  I love the fact that it is divided up into different rooms.  One big room and you would never hear the person across the table from you.  Clean and neat.

Okay now the few down things...the wait is usually pretty long.  Around a half a hour up to a hour and a half.  They try and keep it churning as fast as they can but people do like to sit and chat after their meal.  The wait staff is a bit hit and miss.  Now what I mean by that is not that they don't do their job but just how friendly they are.  Our waitress yesterday was so-so and bit rushed.  The second part I understand but she could have smiled more.  She also just walked up to our table and said do you know what you want.  No hello or how are you?  Ah well I guess you can not have it all and she was super busy.  The other times we have gone we have had really great wait staff and some not so great.  Like I said hit and miss.  This is not a fancy dancy place where you go for a high priced meal.  It is just good food.

Go to Anna Mae's if you get the chance.  I know I will be heading back there soon.

Check out their website and note that they are closed on Sunday:

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Its been awhile....

Yep it has been awhile.  Why?  Well life just got in the way.  I am the mother of two and I always seem to be on the run going here or there...but who isn't really.  I am going to try and post more regularly now but who knows.

A couple of weeks ago we bought a new gas stove.  I was so excited to get my gas stove as I love to cook with gas. The last few places were we have lived have all been electric.  Don't get me wrong, I like electric too, but there is something to be said about cooking over an open flame.  Anyway, we bought a stove at Leon's over in London, Ontario.  (I will not mention the brand name of the stove because I don't want to get sued but I don't have anything bad to say about Leon's so I am sure they will not mind me using their name.)  The stove is delivered to us and we get it hooked up.  Later that day I decided to bake some refrigerator rolls to make sure the stove worked.  I had already read the instruction manual over and I turned it on just at the instructions said.  Well I was not impressed that first it seem to be taking a really long time to heat up, but also it seem to stop working all together.  I could not figure it out.  So I hit cancel and tried again.  This time it preheated up to a point and then stopped working again.  Next day I called the company who made the stove and was told to try and go ahead and cook something in the stove.  I told the lady that I was talking to, that it doesn't even get hot enough to cook anything.  She had the nerve to tell me to try and cook something anyway.  Okay in went the rolls from the night before and there they sat raw as the stove stopped heating.  Called the company back and they agreed to sent out a service man.  The man that came was very nice but he couldn't seem to figure it out either.  He replaced several major parts on my brand new stove.  Told us it was fixed and left.  About a hour later I tried to cook dinner.  LOL I could have cooked it faster on top of my heating vent.  The oven was still broken and so I therefore called the service man to fix it again.  He had the nerve to argue with me and tell me to try and cook something in it.  Um duh, I just did that, that is why I am calling you.  He agreed to come the next day.  He did arrive the next day but to say his customer service skills were lacking would be a mild truth.  He didn't even say hello to us when he came in the door, played around with the oven for a few minutes then told us again it was fixed and off he went.  Well guess what...yep you are right, it wasn't fixed.  Now I am beyond mad.  This time I called Leon's who bent over backwards to help me.  They got the company who made the stove to take it back and allow us to purchase another stove but not theirs.  Leon's gave us a full credit on anything we wanted in the store.  We bought another stove and actually up graded a bit  and went with a different company.  It will be delivered on Tuesday, so as of right now I can not comment on how good or how bad the new stove will be.  I will next week.  We also decided to spend the extra 90 bucks and get the extended warranty on the stove.  Now it will be covered for three years not just two.  After what we just went through I think it was the smartest thing we could have done.

To Leon's in London, Ontario, I give you huge credit for your excellent customer service.  I can not say a bad thing about you except that you need to keep your stock up.  (The first stove we wanted in exchange for the old one was out of stock, with a four to six week wait.)

To the company that manufactured my first stove, thank you for doing the right thing and letting me get me get a different stove.  You guys might want to work on your quality control issues.

To the service company that came out to my house to try and fix my stove.  Boo to you.  Your "excellent" customer service needs an over haul.